A Letter from the President

Dear Members and Associates;

Over the years MAHC has contributed to the cooperative movement in so many ways. First MAHC is the leading organization, run by its own cooperative members.  MAHC encourages cooperatives large and small to join forces to improve and preserve the cooperative lifestyle for all. MAHC’s focus on education has been instrumental in cementing the future of our way of life, bringing young cooperators into the fold is a primary focus. While education may not have physical properties, the lack of it is readily apparent. An uneducated board has no idea of their responsibilities to themselves or their membership. We teach individuals to live with imagination to see their likenesses and understand their differences by building dreams with foundations. In summary, the answer to the question is; MAHC has consistently
and continually contributed knowledge, wisdom, hope, time, travel, and yes money to create leaders for tomorrow.

We have had some incredible ground breaking events, for example the action of our education committee. They are second to none. They give us the power to help cooperatives in need of training. They continually strive to improve the classroom experience Our education committee operates on donations from our general membership and our wonderful and very generous professional members.

Our achievements are many, especially over such a long span of time. Organizations do not celebrate 50th anniversaries unless they are doing many things right! Are we perfect? No. Do we strive to improve everyday? You bet we do, we can always do better. The awareness we have raised, the support our membership provides to fellow cooperators is exceptional. Many times that support among members has actually helped to save associations from risky procedures. Additionally, our much lauded certification programs have raised the bar in cooperative education.

I see MAHC moving forward to meet new challenges in our ever globalizing world. We must understand economic conditions that will challenge the very existence of our unique style of living. MAHC must work to reach those who have never made themselves part of this organization, and there are many. We cannot become complacent as to where we are today, because tranquility can be a dangerous state. It can lead to complacency.  We must continue to outreach to those still in the dark to shed light on the acres of uninformed Cooperatives.  We never will experience the satisfaction of rest, yes, we are good but we can be much better.

Come and join MAHC at Planet Hollywood in June to celebrate the legacy we have forged for 50 YEARS! Join us to give thanks for those who came before us, whose shoulders we stand upon today, whose footprints we walk in. Help us prepare for the next 50 years by continuing to blaze a trail of education and enlightenment which will empower our future generations and preserve our Cooperative heritage. I am still a dreamer, I know we have accomplished much but I know our best days are still ahead .

In Peace and Love - Bill Magee, ARM, CCD, IAP, NAP