Planting Seeds

Sometimes we wonder whether the classes we present to the MAHC Membership at our Annual Conferences provide information that the attendees are able to take back to their cooperative and actually use to make a difference.

Well, that question was answered when an energetic, bright eyed board member from Birch Run Cooperative, Ms. Wavie Oneal-Kawolo, came up to me and said, “I’m going to plant a community garden for the children, I was just in a class about planting a garden and I know I can do it.”

That class Ms. Wavie was referring to was called “Tomatoes Love Carrots,” and was presented by Brenda McElhaney. Ms. McElhaney was clearly able to provide the spark that made a cooperative community much better by sending Ms. Oneal-Kawolo on her mission to plant a community garden.

Ms. Wavie wasted no time in making garden plans. The timetable was set, planter boxes were built, and then filled with dirt graciously donated by a vendor. The plants were purchased, planted, and the garden was cared for with love and tenderness, and produced quite a crop!

Ms. Wavie’s vision resulted in tomatoes of all varieties, lettuce, onions, squash, potatoes, cucumbers, radishes, celery, and green peppers. These vegetables represent just some of the produce grown at the Birch Run Cooperative Community Garden. The crop was so plentiful even the squirrels got in on the action!

Hats off to you Ms. Wavie for planting a seed