Huntington Management

A Michigan Management Company shares the secret of its success.

Huntington Management, overseeing 25 properties with 3,500 units in Southeastern Michigan, adheres to a clear and concise mission statement to keep consistently on point.  The company’s mission is to preserve, maintain and enhance value.  So what does Huntington Management value in Cooperative living? “The biggest benefit of living in a Cooperative is not only cost containment, but the advantage of having an environment of neighbor awareness or a ‘village’ so to speak, where everyone looks out for everyone’s best interest.  Co-ops have a mutual awareness which is not always present in a rental community”, says Executive Director, Cindy J. Jones, who has managed 48 properties in her many years of experience.

Huntington Management attributes its experience to an unusually diverse client base. “Our clients are Boards of Directors, both non-profit and for profit; conventional property owners, affordable housing property owners; tax credit property owners and senior/assisted care property owners”, says Cindy.  With properties ideal for Senior Living, such as Carrington Place, to luxury units such as Crystal Lake Apartments, Huntington has tailored a program unique to an array of clients. Huntington Management stays proactive by staying in close communication with its Boards and Members quite often.  “We listen and we respond right away to the needs of each property without the assumption that we know what they need just because it’s what another property just asked for,” states Cindy.

Huntington Management even incorporates different events tailored specifically for each property.  The staff enjoys an array of fun activities with the Members on a weekly or monthly basis, such as “Neighborhood Network Centers”, which have been very successful in their portfolio.  The staff also support and sponsor annual events within the community such as “Family Fun Day”, picnics, “back-to-school” events, movie nights, etc., which prove to contribute to the sense of belonging that Cooperative Members hold so dear.

Huntington Management greatly appreciates the support and encouragement it receives from the MAHC Board of Directors and looks forward to continuing a strong relationship well into the future.