Kevin Kanoyton, the President of Ralph Bunche Housing Cooperative sits down to share his story

A leader has quietly risen among the ranks to become President of the Ralph Bunche Cooperative in Detroit.  Kevin Kanoyton, a native to Detroit, became the interim president this last March, and was officially elected as the cooperative’s President on March 22.  Mr. Kanoyton grew up in Detroit and cites his grandfather as his biggest role model.  His grandfather taught him the value of good work ethic, the spirit of entrepreneurship, and how to be a good provider and role model for his family.  Mr. Kanoyton graduated from Cass Tech High School in Detroit, and graduated from Madonna University in Livonia. 

Early in his career Mr. Kanoyton received an opportunity to become an EMT through Wayne State University and Detroit General Hospital.  He finished the training program and was led into the field of EMS and became a field paramedic.  Currently Mr. Kanoyton leads health and safety training classes.  Despite being very busy and involved in several different activities, Mr. Kanoyton says “When you’re involved in different things, other things can suffer.  You only have so much you can put on your plate, and you can focus and be more productive if you don’t have a lot of things on your plate.” 

As the newly elected President of Ralph Bunche, Mr. Kanoyton is committed to ensuring that the structural integrity of the coop is maintained so it can carry forward for many years to come.  He aspires to create a place where families want to live, and for the cooperative to have a good reputation as a safe, nice, affordable, and community oriented cooperative.  One way Mr. Kanoyton plans on achieving this goal is through working hard and looking for new trends in the cooperative housing field. 

Ralph Bunche Housing Cooperative is a hidden gem within the city of Detroit.  It is located centrally to downtown Detroit, Comerica Park, Belle Isle, Ford Field, Eastern Market, and many other shopping facilities and freeways.  Ralph Bunche offers all the amenities people look for when they’re going to move to a particular location.  With Mr. Kanoyton at the wheel, Ralph Bunche can only get better with time.