MAHC at the Indiana Black Expo 2012!

Great news! MAHC (Midwest Association of Housing Cooperatives) will have a booth at the Indiana Black Expo 2012. We view this as an opportunity for over 200,000 people from all over the United States to get exposed not only to MAHC and what it has to offer but to give your coop a marketing tool that would cost thousands of dollars for this much advertisement.

With the state of the economy families are facing more and more reasons for leaving their homes and looking for a fresh start elsewhere.

We are asking as many coops as possible to take advantage of this great opportunity for only $100.00.
You may send posters of your coop with pictures, brochures, newsletters, pens, buttons, and flyers; send anything to show off your coop.  You may also send a representative to work the booth (at their own expense). We do not want anyone to miss out on this great advertising opportunity.

The expo will be held July 16th through July 22nd 2012.
We ask the $100.00 be sent to our MAHC office 37140 Goddard Road Romulus, MI. 48174 in the form of check or money order and in the memo area please put Indiana Expo.

Next step is to pack up whatever information you would like to have shown, advertised, or passed out at this event, and send it to the address above.

We encourage you to act now, get your $100.00 paid and start gathering all your information.

This is just another way MAHC is helping the world know cooperative housing is here today, tomorrow, and forever