What Can Be Done about Bed Bugs?

Exploring alternative methods to preventing bed bug infestation

A few years ago, who would have imagined the increasing chaos that bed bugs are causing? These elusive parasites are very hard to predict and they’re gaining ground in Chicago.  However, they are not un-predictable.

Unfortunately, the most commonly used strategy is a re-active pattern of exterminating when residents self-report (a risky, and unreliable front line of defense).  This repeating process does not allow management to gain control of their situation, while it does provide the bugs with various opportunities to develop an expensive presence from which they can spread throughout the building. 

So…What do we do? One innovative company is providing a 3 pronged, pro-active defense that includes detection, prevention, and education.  The company, Aegis Bed Bug Detection Services, is based out of Chicago, Illinois and focuses on defending against bed bugs before an exterminator needs to be called.  A full blown infestation of bed bugs creates an atmosphere of crises, psychological stress, and physical discomfort.  These insects can damage reputations and diminish property values while destroying budgets.  Further, they are increasingly the cause of litigation for considerable punitive damages. 

The Aegis Approach focuses on using highly trained and certified bed bug detection dogs in Chicago.  While normal living conditions do not allow for a flawless defense against the introduction of bed bugs, Aegis has created a robust education program for their clients, residents, and staff.  Aegis also works with their clients to implement prevention oriented best practices.  These efforts significantly reduce introductions of bed bugs and minimize their chance of growing into expensive infestations. 

K9 bed bug detection coupled with a comprehensive prevention plan and regular educational opportunities provide the most cost-effective way of shielding against the cost, and chaos as well as the PR and litigation threat of a bed bug outbreak.

Why Use a Bed Bug Dog?
Cutting-Edge Technology— A dog’s nose is cutting-edge technology.  K9 scent detection is the only inspection tool that can efficiently detect and pinpoint sources of bed bugs—critical information for lowing remediation costs. 

Dogs are Honest—Dogs are trained to work for food and love—and NOT for profits.  This eliminates financial ulterior motives and means greater peace of mind for you.

Dogs are accurate and efficient— Trained K9s are simply better at locating bed bugs than humans.  After hours of “tearing a room apart”, a trained human inspector can only detect visible signs of bed bugs with an accuracy rate of between 20-50%.  A dog on the other hand, with its keen sense of smell, can track bed bugs with an accuracy of 90% or more in just a few minutes. 

Aegis Bed Bug Detection Services is located at 5415 North Sheridan Road, Suite 100, Chicago, Illinois 60640 or on their website at www.aegisbbds.com.