PROFILE: Marcus Management Company                            

An interview with Ralph Marcus, the President of Marcus Management and a Chairman on the National Board sits down to share his story

“Cooperatively strengthening communities by focusing on future needs and current benefits”, is how President of Marcus Management, Ralph Marcus, describes his mission.  Ralph, a Board of Governor of the RCM program (Registered Cooperative Manager), is part of a long-standing tradition with Cooperative housing.  His mother was one of the first MAHC Board Members, and his son is joining the Marcus Management team. 

Ralph, who grew up in a Co-op and is now a Chairman on the National Board, says his relationship with the Midwest Association is mutually beneficial.  “MAHC provides much needed education and training.  I think the way the association grants me the option to pass along my experience and knowledge to others is a great opportunity.  Those who attend conferences receive priceless knowledge and I feel great when I have the chance to share.”

Marcus Management oversees 28 common industry real estate associations, including condominiums, cooperatives, homeowner associations, and more.  The 4,500 individual units contain a wide spectrum of members from low-income clients with government subsidizing to young couples to high-end business professionals.

Ralph uses his 31 years of management experience to analyze each internal operation for every unique property and figure out what is working and what needs to be altered.  Marcus Management believes that just as no two people are the same; no two properties are the same.  Ralph says “You can use the same method of approach, what you want to stand for, but you need to go in expecting to treat each need with a unique form of action.”

Ralph tells renters that financial stability and opportunity for growth is the biggest benefit of cooperative living.  “Renters are throwing their money away by paying rent, and the price is much higher than the care charges of a cooperative. They can build equity for themselves and reduce out of pocket expenses.  The community connection with others and a self governing community is a close second, but finances are a fact of life,” says Ralph.  This down to earth, widely relatable thinking continues to turn renters into Co-op Members.