Are You a “Known Quantity?

Exploring the unlimited talent that lies within our own MAHC family.      

“IT’S NOT WHAT YOU KNOW, IT’S WHO YOU KNOW” We have all heard this cliché phrase in our lifetimes, particularly when looking for a job or a business opportunity.  The question is; why is this one of those “trite but true” sayings that permeates our culture? 

Why do we as employers hire people that we know and feel familiar with? Why do we as employees or job-seekers look to make personal relationships in order to get our foot in the door of our dream company? 

I BELIEVE IT IS BECAUSE, AT THE END OF THE DAY, WE FEEL SAFE WITH A “KNOWN QUANTITY”.   Humans are relational.  We appreciate familiarity, revere safety, and crave stability.
Outside of our careers we build bridges with each other and “do life” with our friends and families.  Inside of work we network to build relationships and forge alliances with our supervisors and colleagues. 

Outside of work we trust our friends and family to help us, support us, and cheer on our endeavors.  Inside of work we trust our bosses to guide us and our coworkers to help us get the job done.  These expectations never fail us, because they are “known quantities”.

At MAHC, we are more than an association, we are a family. 
Like a family we build bridges with each other and “do life” together in this crazy world we call housing cooperatives.  So it makes sense that when we have a problem, we would turn to each other.  When we are looking for a leader to step up and manage our company, our finances, and our legal problems, we only need to look within MAHC’s ranks. 

In fact, MAHC is uniquely positioned among regional housing cooperative associations in that it has some of the most talented professionals at its disposal, and may not even realize it.  MAHC should take advantage of these resources before spending unnecessary time and effort on professionals that have no history of loyalty or allegiance to MAHC.  There are many professionals that belong to the MAHC family and are a “known quantity”. 

If we only access this inside talent and use it for the benefit of our association, there is no limit to what we could accomplish in helping others.