International Year of the Cooperative

The year 2012 has been recognized as the International Year of Cooperatives (IYC) by the United Nations. This is an acknowledgement by the international community that cooperatives drive the economy, respond to social change, are resilient to the global economic crisis and are serious, successful businesses creating jobs in all sectors.

The International Year (IYC) celebrates the important contribution of cooperatives to socio-economic development across the globe. It recognizes the role of cooperatives in reducing poverty, generating employment and creating greater social equality.  During the 51st Annual Conference of the National Association of Housing Cooperatives (NAHC) in San Juan, Puerto Rico in November 2011, NAHC members unanimously passed a resolution supporting the IYC. 

Goals of the International Year of Cooperatives

Increase public awareness of cooperatives and their contribution to socio-economic development and the    achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.
Promote the formation and growth of cooperatives.
Encourage Governments to establish policies, laws and regulations conducive to the formation, growth and stability of cooperatives.

Throughout the year NAHC will send updates on IYC activities and ways you and your cooperative can get involved in IYC initiatives.  NAHC is a member of the National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA) and is partnering with them to promote the IYC.  NCBA’s upcoming issue of the Cooperative Business Journal prominently features the International Year of Cooperatives.  It includes an IYC 2012 Calendar that points to January 12, 2012 as a coordinated day of international action.  The listing for that day encourages all U.S. coops to Tell Your Story by uploading it to  NAHC encourages you to tell your story to demonstrate the solidarity of US coops with coops from around the world in celebrating the International Year of Cooperatives.

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