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The President Speaks Some Thoughts For The New Year

Dear MAHC Members and Friends, As President of MAHC, let me take this opportunity to express my personal thanks to everyone for your continued loyalty and untiring dedication to helping us in the continuation of MAHC’s very important educational programs, as well as all of the other work we do in an effort to make the housing Co-op lifestyle an even more affordable, safer and more enjoyable experience. The MAHC board of directors has worked extremely hard during all of 2002 to expand these programs and to make the old as well as the new programs even more effective and deserving of your utmost consideration and support. With the now expanded need for all co-ops and their management representatives to work together even more closely and to cooperate even more effectively with HUD and their contract agencies, during these trying times, it has become even more critical for all of us to work together as a team and to strengthen our combined resolve to maintain our unity, in getting through some of the many challenges which lie ahead of us.

Just a short note about the MAHC Midyear conference which was held at the Marriott Hotel in Ft. Wayne, Indiana on October 26 2002. In case you missed it, it was one of our most effective (and according to most attendees) one of the most enjoyable Midyear Conferences we have ever had. There were over 80 registered members in attendance, the workshops presented were dynamic and the hotel was great, in all respects. We all hope that your sites will be set to attend both the annual conference in Indianapolis May 18 - 22, as well as the 2003 Midyear Conference, to be conducted at a time and place to be announced later this year. You can expect to receive much more information about both of these outstanding conferences in the coming weeks and months ahead. Just as a side note, the annual conference being hosted in the great city of Indianapolis is already being heralded as a MAHC event which will be richly remembered as one of our most outstanding conferences ever conducted anywhere, anytime, so please do not, under any circumstances, fail to be there!

In closing, let me take this opportunity to wish all of you a happy and safe new year, together with a wish and a prayer for your continued good health and prosperity for 2003 and beyond.

Cooperatively yours,
William Magee, President

Volume 1, Issue 1
January, 2003