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Dear Co-op Counselor; HELP!

Dear Counselor;
How does a cooperative find members that are interested in serving on the board? And once elected long should a member serve on the board?
Signed:  Wondering about Term Limits.

Dear Wondering:
The best way is the direct way.  This is your opportunity to make a sales pitch to your membership about the pros of living in a housing cooperative community with the #1 being self-governance.  Approach members and ask if he or she would be interested in serving on the Board.  If you know a member would be a good fit, go to him/her first.  If he/she is not interested, ask if they have any thoughts on who to ask.  Be prepared to answer questions about both the good and the bad, but also be prepared to give that positive spin to the bad situations.  Make sure you approach individuals who are qualified to run for the position, i.e., he or she has fully paid for his/her membership and is in good standing.  Typically bylaws will stagger terms of your directors.  The standard for a 5 member board is a 3-2-1 term so there is never more than 2 terms up in a year.  Generally, the newbie director will get the shortest term open with the next longest term going to any incumbent.

Signed: Co-op Counselor (CC)