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Meet MAHC Newest Staff Member… 
An Interview with Joanne Day

We were able to catch up with MAHC’s newest staff member recently and decided that you might want to know a little more about her;

MM: Hi Joanne, we are excited to get to know more about you, first of all when did you start here at MAHC?
JD: I joined MAHC in September 2014

MM: What is your position here?
JD: I am the  Assistant Office Manager.

MM: What education and experience do you bring to your position at MAHC?
JD: My experience comes from 18 + years working in a government office as the Deputy Clerk/Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper. As the Deputy Clerk we were considered the hub of the community, just as MAHC is the hub of the coop’s that are members of MAHC.  We keep them informed as to why, how, where and when. As the bookkeeper, I kept watch over the finances that were coming in and going out.  As the Administrative Assistant, I assisted in cost savings, grant writing, Community Block Grant funds and the Neighborhood Stabilization Program.  As far as education goes,  I attended Detroit College of Business, where I studied Computer information Systems and Accounting.

MM: Wow! That’s an impressive résumé.  Let me ask you, what you enjoy most about your new position?
JD: What I enjoy meeting and networking with all the members. I enjoy the fact that the skills and experience that I have gathered over the years can be put to good use. I enjoy planning and executing events. I enjoy the fact that I get to travel to different places and see new people and things.  I don’t want to be a King, I consider myself as being a King maker and in this position MAHC is the King.

MM: That’s interesting and honorable, Joanne.  How about telling us a little about your interest and hobbies? 
JD: I enjoy creating things, be it brochures, flyers, or cards, putting together shelves, hanging doors or putting up ceiling fans. I like to read and write.  I like going to Plays, musicals, concerts, listening to motivational speakers, traveling, swimming and I am interested in continuing my education. I enjoy going to church and singing in the choir ...backup anyway-way back…(chuckles).