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An Interesting Look at MAHC Board Member,
Dwayne Moore

The Messenger staff had the honor and privilege of interviewing one of MAHC’s newest board members recently. We learned some very interesting things. Dwayne’s answers were pretty impressive and above all we found him to be very sincere. He comes from Bloomfield Townhouses Cooperative, in Bloomfield, Michigan Here is the interview;

MM: Dwayne tell us a little bit about yourself?
DM: Well, I am a widower, my wife died in 2008, I have one daughter and two grandchildren, ages 6 and 4.

MM: Sorry to hear that you are a widower but I bet you adore those grandbabies. Let me ask you; how long you have been on the board at Bloomfield Townhouses?
DM: It’s been so long I can’t even remember? Probably like 18 years or so.

MM: Wow! That’s pretty impressive! What made you want to be on the board?
DM: Well, I came to a board meeting, and since I didn’t like a lot of the things that were going on here, I was very verbal and outspoken about my concerns during the meeting. Not long after that a bunch of women appeared at my door and begged me to run for the Board of Directors. The timing was right cause there was an upcoming election basically, they wouldn’t let me say “no”.

MM: Sounds like destiny to me, Dwayne… Tell me what are some positive things that have happened at your Cooperative since you have been there?
DM: Well, when I first got elected I didn’t like a lot of things that were happening. I didn’t like the management company and we had a lazy attorney. We fired both of them, and after a trial and error period we now have an excellent attorney and an excellent management company. We revised the budget, and as a matter of fact we were one of the first properties to pay off HUD, not only that we have remodeled about 80% of our units both inside and out.

MM: That is really impressive! What made you want to run for the Board of Directors of MAHC?
DM: From the beginning, MAHC was good to me so I wanted to be good to MAHC. MAHC does so much for Cooperatives. When I first got involved with the Board at my Co-Op it was like I had to start at the bottom, so I was taking classes and learning everything I could about how to make things better at Bloomfield that knowledge and experience has played an important role in my position here as Board
President.. Now as a MAHC Board Member, I feel like I am starting out at the bottom again. But the MAHC Board of Directors is so full of knowledge and so helpful, they help to make the experience worth it.

MM: What you find most appealing about MAHC?
DM: I want to be part of the team that helps every Cooperative grow. You can never stop growing and expanding. And everybody can bring something new to the table.

MM: Well when it comes to MAHC, could you tell us what advice you would offer a Co-Op that wasn’t a member of this organization, regarding membership? Why do you think membership is important?
DM: Because you never know what you need to know until you get involved in other things. Being with other MAHC members is like being part of one gigantic family. I think I’d ask them, if they aren’t a member. Why? And I’d want to help them understand the need for membership. Some Cooperatives aren’t members because they can’t afford to be a member. That doesn’t mean that we can’t help them. I just want to help other cooperatives grow.

MM: We’re almost out of time here so let me present you with one more question, are you coming on the Cruise?
DM: Yes, I sure am.