MAHC Membership

The Midwest Association of Housing Cooperatives, Inc. is a non profit charitable (501c3) membership organization, devoted to the support and education of housing cooperative members and governing boards. MAHC has received national recognition as a leader in the representation, training, development and maintenance of the cooperative way of life.

Our mission statement is, “to support and champion the cause of quality housing through education, legislative actions, partnerships, and advocacy for housing cooperatives.”  MAHC has been committed to this mission for over 50 years.

Application for Membership

Among the benefits of Membership in MAHC are:

Membership allows you to support the Cooperative community while receiving support from thousands of cooperative communities. Cooperatives have for too long been perceived as the best-kept secret in housing. MAHC is working to share the secret and broaden the availability and influence of Cooperatives.

EDUCATION: MAHC is a leader in the development and presentation of quality education programs for those involved in the cooperative community. Boards of Directors, staff, managers, accountants, maintenance personnel and government personnel are among those who benefit from our cooperative training.

ANNUAL CONFERENCE: Our Annual Conference provides an opportunity for our member cooperatives to participate in our annual business meeting, attend classes on a variety of subjects, and to network with housing cooperators from other geographical areas. Our Annual Conference is held in the early spring of each year in fun filled locations that allow our attendees to relax after a day of intensive class participation.

CERTIFICATION COURSES: MAHC has certification-training program for Board Members, Professionals and Staff and Maintenance personal.  The comprehensive courses, which we offer are Certified Cooperative Director (CCD), Certified Cooperative Manager (CCM), Certified Cooperative Maintenance Manager (CCMM)

These certified courses can be taught regionally in different states or local for our member’s convenience Call the MAHC office for pricing and availability

DISCOUNTS AND SAVINGS: Membership dues, which provide a significant portion of MAHC’s total income, entitles you to a discount rate on the fees charged for conferences, training, and consulting services. If you choose to join the National Association of Housing Cooperatives through MAHC you will receive a discount on your NAHC dues as well. We are working with service and material suppliers to negotiate further savings for our members.

NEWSLETTER: The MAHC Messenger, our quarterly newsletter, provides timely informative articles from the “how to“ of problem solving to analysis of new legislation. Our newsletter regularly features information regarding upcoming events and answers to members’ questions.

GROUP ACTION: With membership exceeding 20,000 units of cooperative housing, MAHC represents a growing force of info on issues, concerns and legislation affecting our cooperative community.
CONSULTATION: MAHC Board Members, professional advisors, and staff are available to meet with cooperatives to deliver training for all levels of cooperative membership and staff to mediate board disputes, or to provide consulting services on a variety of cooperative matters.

TASK FORCE WORKSHOPS: Skill Development Workshops have been designed by MAHC with the assistance of others, including the Organization of Applied Science in Society. These one and two day seminars provide comprehensive coverage of topics including Membership Selection, Financial Management, Evaluating Management, Cooperative Communications, Serving on the Board, Membership Orientation, Introductions to Co-ops, Management Contracts, and many more.

CO-OP HOUSING HANDBOOK: MAHC publishes the Cooperative Housing Handbook (frequently referred to as the “Co-op Bible”). This handbook is a must-have for all those involved in the production, governance, management, or routine operations of a housing cooperative. Originally published through a grant from the Ford Foundation, and revised in 2003.

TELEPHONE SUPPORT: Looking for support? A quick telephone call to the MAHC office can save you hours of research time. Our staff and volunteers are able to answer questions regarding specific cooperative issues or to refer you to the proper source for accurate information.

NETWORKING: MAHC responds to inquiries from individuals seeking to move into a housing cooperative by providing a list of our members in the identified area. Our conferences are attended by cooperators throughout the country and provide an opportunity to meet and learn from fellow cooperators as well as noted professionals.

Added Benefits for Professional Members:

Your membership in MAHC is one way of showing that you support the cooperative community, its mission and goals. Professional members are more often viewed as “Partners” in the cooperative community, rather than merely “hired hands.”

PROFESSIONAL  LISTING:   Many  MAHC  member cooperatives place a call to our office before interviewing managers, attorneys, auditors, and any other cooperative professionals. MAHC has a policy of not making recommendations; however, we will provide a listing of those professionals who care enough about the cooperative community to maintain a membership in this organization. Many professional members add MAHC’s logo and the word “member” to their proposal and presentation material.

FORUM: MAHC invites articles of interest from professional members to be published in our newsletter. We also encourage professional members to share their skills and knowledge at our Annual Conferences by becoming workshop leaders. These opportunities provide you a forum to express your dedication to Cooperatives.

NETWORKING OPPORTUNITY: Professional members can attend the conferences and seminars offered by MAHC at the reduced member rate. There  you  will have an opportunity to meet the decision makers of this region’s cooperatives. MAHC has established a working relationship with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and may receive advance notification of Notice of Funding Available (NOFA) for new programs or grants, giving MAHC members a leg up on the competition.

SAVINGS: Professional members are eligible to utilize any of the MAHC’s membership discount programs, and they can purchase registrations and published materials at the discount member rate. Professional members are also eligible to join the National Association of Housing Cooperatives at the discounted Regional Association rate - a substantial savings.

PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT: Site staff can call MAHC for information or direction to other helpful resources. If our staff cannot answer your cooperative related question they will offer to research the matter of refer you to the appropriate source for the answer.

Membership Dues

Cooperative Members
Annual dues for regular members shall be two dollars ($2.00) for each of the first three hundred (300) coop dwelling units, and one dollar ($1.00) for each coop dwelling unit over the first three hundred. With a minimum of $ 100.00 annually. No regular member shall be charged over one thousand dollar ($1,00.00) or annual dues irrespective of the size of the housing cooperative.         

Individual members
Annual dues for Individual members shall be one hundred dollars ($100.00).

Associate members- Professional Members
Annual dues for Associate - Professional members shall be two hundred- fifty dollars ($250.00).