Dr Herman E. Curtus
Co-oper Of The Year Award

Awarded To A Co-oper For Outstanding Service To Their Home
Co-op. Nominated By The Board Or Members Of The Co-op

2016 Kathy Wood Cumberland Green Cooperative
2015 Larry Redmond Walton Park Manor Cooperative. 
2014 David Reed River Oaks Townehouses
2013 Donna Cothron Harvard Square Coop.
2012 Dela Redfern Troy Manor
2009 Chakita Gray The Retreat
2008 Cavatis Norton Cranbrook Village
2007 Elizabeth Darth Jamestown Homes of Mishawaka
2006 Nancy Mc Gee  
2006 Otis Jenkins  
2005 Barbara J. Dove Pontiac Townhouse
2004 Godfrey Bridges St Martins Cooperative
2003 Frankie Morton Mayfield Green
2001 Joseph Bradley Walton Park
2000 David Allen Lowe Branford Town Houses
1999 Luella Savare White Homewood Terrace
1998 Gary Niedojadlo Hanover Grove
1997 Lauretta Webb- Christie Walton Park Manor
1996 Mary Blake Hermitage Manor
1995 Ernest McCoy St. Martins
1994 Esther Murphy Oakdale
1993 Mike Yapo Walton Park
1992 Paul Aichholz Crestwood of Elgin
1991 Lynn Blanchette Colonial Village
1991 Marguerite Robinson Three Fountains West
1990 Mary Wright Fountain Court
1989 Oscar Gibson Winfield Village
1988 Thelbert Dukes Branford
1987 Bobetta Lawn Troy Manor
1986 Esther Florio Hanover Grove
1985 Gary Merkel Hanover Grove
1984 Charlie Boyer Colonial Square
1983 Albert Kuschell Gill Park
1982 Chuck Epperson Cumberland Green
1981 Al & Margaret Morley Stratford,
1980 Madge Kuhlberg Branford

Executive Directors Award

Award For Outstanding Service To MAHC
By A Person Or Organization Other
Than A Member Of MAHC’s Board Of Directors

2016 Tailor Made Property Service Pentiuk, Couvreur & Kobiljak
2014 Pentiuk, Couvreur & Kobiljak Pentiuk, Couvreur & Kobiljak
2012 Lisa Gamble Keli Management
2004 Esther Thomas Professional Property Services
2003 Dino De Mare Professional Property Services
2002 Almeda L. Rftter Former MAHC member
2001 Oakdale Cooperative
2000 Manchester Knolls Cooperative
1999 Kirkpatrick Management Professional Member
1998 Micki Williams Professional Property Services
1998 Professional Property Services Professional Member
1997 COCON, Inc Professional Member
1996 Haines- Ross Agencies Professional Member
1995 Herbert H. & Ida C. Fisher Professional Member
1994 P. M. One, Ltd Professional Member
1993 Branford Cooperative

C. March Miller II Award

Awarded By The President Of MAHC
For Outstanding Service
By A MAHC Board Member

2016 Valerie Hall Kirkpatrick Management
2014 Brenda McElhaney  
2010 Cynthia Phillips Oakdale Cooperative
2008 Marlene Dau Tailor Made Property Services
2007 Randall Pentiuk Pentiuk, Couvreur and Kobiljak 
2006 David (Rudy) Rudicil Colonial Village Cooperative
2005 Rich Berendson Cumberland Green Coop.
2004 Blaine Honeycutt Georgetown Place Cooperative
2003 Emanuela Henderson Oakdale Cooperative
2003 Jim Knight Kirkpatrick Management
1998 Marita Smith, MSW  
1995 Almeda L. Rifter  
1994 Bobetta Lawn  

A. Morley President’s Gavel

Awarded To An Outstanding Cooperative Board President
Nominated By The Co-op Members
Or The Co-op Board Of Directors

2017 Monte Huston Grandview Square Coop
2016 Gerald Kennedy Cordova Courts Coop
2015 Christine Johnson Noble Square Cooperative
2014 Annette Sanfford King Hickory Hollow coop
2013 Tom Percha Village Square Coop
2012 Sharon Thomas Three Fountains Fort Wayne
2011 Jennifer Rhodes Three Fountains West
2010 Lary Millet Winfied Village
2009 Richard Gibson Colonial Square
2009 Karen Mitchell Grandville Cooperative
2008 Audrey L. Dickerson St. Joseph Community 
2007 Lauretta Christy Walton Park 

Alan Orlick

2005 Arthur Slanter Harper Square
2004 Jon Niehl Lakeview East Cooperative
2003 William Lockhart Eden Green Cooperative
2002 Phyllis Zimmerman  
2001 Marguerite Robinson Three Fountains West
2000 Bill Magee Noble Square Cooperative

Almeda Ritter Award

Awarded for devotion and contributions
to the Cooperative Housing Community

2017 Rosemary Collins Noble Square Cooperative
2016 Jim Hernson Three Fountains Coop
2015 Dale Janke Tailor Made Property Service
2014 Keli Management Keli Management
2012 Mary Lou Page Yourktown Homes Cooperative
2010 Richard Berendson Cumberland Green Coop.
2006 Marlene Dau Taylor Made - MAHC Board
2005 Joan DeRose Colonial Townhouses

William "Bill" Magee Spirit Award

In recognition for promoting and consistently displaying dedication and commitment
to the preservation of the Cooperative Housing Movement and the MAHC Organization.

2017 Tom Hutch
2016 Randy Pentiuk
2015 David Rudicil
2014 Richard Berendson
2013 Tailor Maid Property Service
2010 Profesional Property Service
2010 Huntington Management LLC
2010 Unified/Midwest Management Service

Leadership Award

Given to a person who works above and beyond the call of duty.

2017 Marlene Amerine Blackstone Cooperative
2010 Melanie Phillips
Tailor Made Property Service

Special Award

For outstanding services for helping us to reach goals
and objectives. Keep reaching for the stars.

2012 Carolyn Jackson MAHC - Office Manager
2011 Rosemary Colins Noble Square
2010 Marlene Dau Tailor Made Property Service


Solidarity Award

For the fellowship and common responsibility that a Board projects
on behalf of their membership to seek and share knowledge.

2017 Concord Consumer Housing coop Brownstown, MI
2016 St Joseph Community Coop Roxbery, MA
2015 Oakdale Resident Cooperative Ferndale, MI
2014 Noble Square Cooperative Chicago, IL
2013 Wellesley Townhouses Romulus, MI
2012 United Winthrop Towers Coop Chicago, IL


Cooperative Leap of Faith Award -

Displaying the confident belief and trust in the housing cooperative
concept and assisting cooperatives in attaining their goals today and in the future

2014 Robert Kirkpatrick


Life Long Service Award -

Displaying the confident belief and trust in the housing cooperative
concept and assisting cooperatives in attaining their goals today and in the future

2016 Dave Rudicil