Cooperative Housing

Over one million families are provided with pleasing and affordable places to live through housing cooperatives. Owned and controlled by residents, cooperative housing often provides significant savings over physically comparable rental or single-family housing.

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Our Mission Statement

To support and champion the cause of quality housing through education, legislative actions, partnership,and advocacy for housing cooperatives.

MAHC History


1963 Cadillac Hotel, Detroit, Michigan - 13 or 14 people from that many cooperatives met to be heard. Many cooperatives had not reached endorsement stage but had many unanswered questions.

Decided no formal organization, but established Newsletter with Do's and Don’t's of running the day-to-day operation within the housing cooperative.


Michigan to Midwest

MAHC Presidents

MAHC has been blessed with many valuable people who have served as presidents and have made MAHC what it is today.

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Conference Location

MAHC has had Annual and Midyear Conferences for almost every year of it’s existence. In the early years, the conferences were one day affairs held close to home in Detroit and Ann Arbor. MAHC started moving around with the conferences after the out of state folks joined in the mid seventies.

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Award Winning Members

MAHC has awarded the cooperatives, professional members and people who have helped promote MAHC and Cooperatives

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